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CSCC Annual General Meeting.

Club rep; Bob Cork, later Phil Romford.

Chair; Dave Irwin.

Officers Reports. All reports (which will appear in a later BB) were accepted as read.

Grant Aid. After much discussion on who would benefit from grants and whether they should be accepted the council decided that the committee should fully investigate the why's and wherefores of the Sports Council money (£110,000.00 to NCA), then report back to the council before any policy is made, most people present were concerned about the implications that taking government money may have.

Paid NCA Officers. The council was left with no doubt that the general feeling was that paid NCA posts were very definitely a bad thing, the committee was directed to make strong representations to any NCA meeting discussing the matter.

CSCC Subscriptions. To cover costs it was proposed and accepted to increase the annual membership subs to £6.00 inclusive. Grants would not be applied for to cover admin costs.

NCA Equipment Committee.  The rope testing programme was queried regarding cost and ultimate usefulness. CSCC will investigate the programme to check its value and how £100 of CSCC money was the programme used.

Election of Officers. The new committee is as follows:-

Chairman                      Dave Irwin (BEC)
Secretary                      Martin Grass (BEC)
Company Secretary       Mike Rendell (CSS)
Treasurer                       Chris Smart (BEC)
Conservation & Access  Tim Large (BEC)
Training Officer               Alan Dougherty (MCG & ACG)
Equipment Officer          Jerry Breakspeare (CSS)

Any Other Business. The working party officers were voted on as follows:-

Chairman                      Dave Irwin
CSCC Hon Sec Martin Grass
C & A Officer                 Tim Large
Geological Adviser         Jim Hanwell
Legal Adviser                 Mike Thompson
Liaison Officers              Phil Romford & Graham Price.

The working party will report to the executive committee at regular intervals.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 2245 hrs after a marathon 8 1/4 hrs.

Correspondent:  Phil Romford.