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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr Wells, Somerset.
Editor: D.P.Turner

“Driver of the Year” award looks like going to old member GRAHAM PHIPPEN – captain of the Antarctic Expedition “Southern Quest,” now residing at the bottom of the Weddell Sea, thus proving that the BEC once again “get everywhere” and “do it to excess”.  Beat that Trevor Hughes.

Tony Jarratt says that we have negotiated member’s rates at the following club huts:-

Chelsea, Bradford, TSG, Pegasus, and NCC

The arrangements are unofficial at the moment so it may depend on their Hut Wardens.

Membership Changes

New Members

1071     Clive Lovell, Keynsham, Bristol
1072     Tracey Newstead, Mount Pleasant, Devon

Ratified Members

1053     Steve Milner
1055     Oliver Wells
1057     Mark Lumley
1059     Alison Ainsley
1061     Kerry Wiggins
1054     Tim Gould
1056     Chris Larkin
1058     Ron Wyncoll
1060     Peter Crawley
1062     Andy Cave


I must thank Alfie for checking the membership list printed in the October 85 BB and noting the following membership number errors

364L Peter Blogg shown as 348L who is R.G. Brown

405L Frank Darbon shown as 454L who is George Blackhorn

1038 Alan Downton shown as 1039 who is Lisa Taylor

947 Phil Ford shown as 949 who is John C. Watson

647 Davce Glover shown as 648 who is Jane Glover

668 Mike Jeanmaire shown as 669 who is Rees

575L Dermot Statham shown as 547L who is Willie Stanton

Alfie has also sent an interesting graph showing that the BEC is on the way up (see page 21)