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Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner

The article by Alan Thomas in lat B.B. was incomplete as the second page of his manuscript had been mislaid – so for all of you who have patiently waited with baited breath to find out what happen after Trev Hughes; can t now read on –

The presentations were followed by raffles.  Trevor Hughes did his usual striptease accompanied by his lady assistant (Lil Romford).  Kieth Gladman raffled a lamp glass with a bat on it.

And at last we were able to see the Pantomime, which was a rewrite of "Oliver".  As a historian I would have liked someone to explain the historical significance of the line; "Consider yourself------part of the tackle shed".  There were many people present, including some of the cast, who did not realise that when we had "Oliver" before, the B.E.C. had only got the tackle shed and to prove, like the Windmill Theatre during the War, that we never close people slept on hastily bunks in the tackle shed.

Another thing from those days that shows the resilience of B.E.C. is that after the Dinner that year we went back to the Belfry as was our custom for a barrel of beer that was consumed in the burnt out ruin.

The cast of "Oliver" some of whom had been in the previous production were: Pete Franklin, Alfie, Simon Knight, Mac, Barrie, Zot, J.Ratt, John Chew, Batspiss, Bob Cross, Jeni Sandercott and apologies to anyone I have omitted.

This was followed by much drinking and singing in such company as Roger Biddle, James Cobbett et al.

Alan Thomas

Logbook Ramblings

Most of the activity recorded in the Caving Logbooks this last month has been in 2 caves, Daren Cilau and Eastwater.  In Daren Cilau our new Caving See and others are trying to make a name for themselves and find yet more miles of new cave.  In Eastwater, Tim and Co have been pushing the end of the main rift and hope seem high for a breakthrough here in the near future.

Cuthbert’s! - well only one trip has been recorded here in the last month or so, I know that a number of people want to become leaders so we may soon see more activity here.