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A song to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Bristol Exploration Club

This is the song Alfie sang at the Anniversary Dinner in October - words and music by Alfie.

One evening, fifty years ago, inside some Mendip pub
A bunch of caving lads from Knowle
Who’d recently been down a hole
Decided to achieve their goal
And start a caving club.
Said Harry Stanbury,
“On a name we must agree
I've got one here that'll raise a cheer
We’ll call ourselves the B.E.C.”

Soon, lots of blokes arrived to join the finest club you’d meet
When caving, they discovered Stoke
When drinking, they all records broke
And knew more songs than any bloke
From Compton Martin down to Street.
The Wessex learned to flee
Whenever they did see
Those splendid men who drank like ten
And called themselves the B.E.C.

Yet, though the Exploration Club was noted for its thirst
At digging caves it knew a lot
And pretty soon, its lads had got
Deep down inside St. Cuthbert's Pot
Another Mendip first.
The Shepton made them tea
Then sang in harmony
"When we can say we're good as they
We'll join the B.E.C."

And now that fifty years have passed, we are here to celebrate
And drink a toast to Harry, and
Those others of that caving band
Who changed the face of Mendip’s land
And made the club so great
We are the B.E.C.
And hope that there will be
Folks like us, who will hold a 'do'
At its centenary!