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Visit the Classical Karst Caves of Yugoslavia in 1986

We have received a circular offering trips down the "Caves of Classical Karst" from a Yugoslav bod named Franc Mateckar in Postojna who is a member of "SPEGU".  These are guided trips and the cost per trip is $5 USA per person for groups of five or over. The trips are to be run daily during July and August starting every day at 2pm from the museum in Postojna.  He mentioned a dozen or so caves by name and reckons on guiding at about 150 caves.

He also offers speleo weekend at $7.5 USA/person and a 7 day coach excursion for approximately $175 USA/person which includes guiding, travel, accommodation in hotels with breakfast.

Anyone interested better let me know and I will send them a copy of the circular - he wants replies by the end of February "because we don't have enough qualified guides".

Dave Turner.


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