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Caving Programme


A BEC trip to the Dachstein Massif is being planned at the moment for next summer.  The idea is only in its formative stages, Bob Cork is currently trying to contact the NCC to find out if they plan to return there next year - if so~ perhaps we could join forces.  There will be more details in the next B.B. but in the meantime if you're interested in going let Bob or myself know and don't book your holidays!

Club Meets.

I've written away for access to the caves on the provisional meets list (B.B. Oct 85) but the only confirmation I have had so far are as follows:-

Sunday 9th March                      Juniper Gulf
Sunday 1st August                    Birks Fell Cave
Saturday 27th September           Penyghent Pot

I shall organise accommodation as and when I get confirmation that the various trips are on, but let me know if you're going (to give me some idea of numbers).

As for the January Yorkshire meet, we'll be going up on Friday night (29th Jan) but whether or not we do Notts Pot and Nick Pot is entirely dependant on how soon I get replies from the C.N.C.C.

Daren Cilau Dig

Small world isn't it - we hauled digging gear, primus stove etc. to the far end of the Daren Cilau extensions only to find that Andy Sparrow, Andy Cave and a group from Cardiff University also had their eyes on the same digging site!  The place is so remote that we decided to join forces and work on alternate trips.  Progress is looking good, the passage has an intermittent draught dependant on the water levels in the area.  The two Andy's dug a considerable distance in soft, sandy mud.  The following weekend Steve Milner, Snablet and Tom Chapman continued the push for several feet with the passage heading upwards.  The dig looks as though it may well hit the predicted stream passage from Llangattock swallet some distance above the furthest point that Martyn Farr managed to dive to beyond the Gloom Room on 6/7/85.

Work continues. Anyone interested in visiting the Time Machine and beyond would be well advised to take a couple of cow's tails as the lifeline on the 70ft pitch is inclined to snarl up.

Rescue Practice

Brian Prewer thought it would be a good idea if more people (including myself) became more proficient in the various aspects of cave rescue.  Accordingly, we're going to go ahead with a straight forward rescue practice (probably from Nine Barrows) for the younger and less experienced members of the club in order to familiarise ourselves with the equipment etc.  This will take place on Saturday 22nd Feb.  Later in the spring we shall be organising a full scale rescue practice from a cave with a greater degree of difficulty. Indirectly, it’s for the benefit of every member of the club so it’s important that we get a good number of people turning up on the day. Your attendance will be much appreciated.

Mark Lumley