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Mendip Events

Oliver Lloyd

A farewell party was recently held in the back room of the Hunter's.  Dan Hasell, using appropriately a diving knife and scalpel, the cake which had been specially decorated for the occasion.  He then proposed a sherry toast to Oliver.  A memorial plaque will he mounted in Wookey Hole at a later date.

Shepton Mallet

As in years gone past, this year's event was held in, the orderly and sophisticated manner to which we have become accustom.  All food that was not consumed was passed to the next table, who in turn would pass it on. The games followed the bun fight, the B.E.C., gentlemen as ever, allowed the hosts to win~ even though the Shepton seems to be short of large membered members at present who can fart "pennies" into jars at twenty paces.

Committee Matters

The following were co-opted to the committee as directed by the A.G.M.

Steve Milner      Tackle Master
Tony Jarratt       Hut Warden
Mark Lumley     Caving Sec
Dave Turner       Hon. Editor
Tim Gould         Assistant Hut Warden
Ian Caldwell       Committee member

St. Cuthbert’s Survey

This is to be revived by the club now that the Belfry improvement project is nearing completion. Dave Irwin hopes to present the committee with a complete package containing everything needed to produce the survey and accompanying publication before the next A.G.M.


Dany and myself are deserting Mendip this Christmas and flying south to Mexico City and then from there to Xlitla on the San Luis Potosi plateau, to join the British expedition who have been there since mid November.  We shall be looking at a new area not far from •••• [he never said! ed] where a new road recently laid across the plateau gives access to a previously difficult to explore area.  Aerial photographs show large surface depressions and it is hoped that these may prove fruitful as caves found in this area have a 3000 metre depth potential..

To quote Tony Jarratt, "The Shepton Buffet marks the start’s of the Christmas sessions", so I take this opportunity to wish all members a Happy Christmas etc. etc.

During my absence, Jeremy Henley will take over the secretarial duties for the club.

Bob Cork.