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Hut Warden’s Report

Club Officer’s report – October 1985

I was co-opted onto the committee after volunteering for the post at the 1984 A.G.M.  At the meeting I pointed out that I would not have the same amount of time to devote to the job as in previous years in the post, due to other commitments.

My main objective, has been to attempt to simplify the running of the Belfry, so that the Warden does not have to stand over Hut users and crack the whip to ensure that jobs are done.  A modicum of common sense, with the application of a small amount of initiative on the part of some hut users would have made the job run a little smoother in some instances.

This year the Belfry has been re-styled to the design approved at the 1984 A.G.M.  A much more functional format, I think, I am sure those of you who have seen or used the new style Hut will agree that an excellent job has been done.  The work was carried out in the matter of about six weeks, and although the hut was at times almost uninhabitable, a few diehards maintained a presence, either sleeping in the wreckage or camping.  Thanks are due to those people, both members and guests, for allowing themselves to be begged, cajoled or browbeaten into working on the hut. Actually some did volunteer.  Also deserving of thanks are Dany Bradshaw and his partner for taking on the major works contracts and doing an efficient job. Also to John Dukes who spent many hours rewiring the hut.  It should be noted however that a number of small jobs still remain to be done by the club, and we still have to maintain the hut.  Hut fees were raised as from the 1st June to £1 for members and £2 for guests.  Although the payment of Hut fees has been good this year a number of people seem to forget that day fees and tackle fees exist, this money goes to provide the club with better services and facilities.  Whilst on the subject of finances, Belfry receipts for the twelve months from October 1974 stand at around £2,500.  However, it must be noted that expenditure such as rates, electricity, insurance and the transfer to the Hut Building Fund are not included in this figure; reference must be made to the Belfry Profit/Loss sheet in the Treasurer's report for a true reflection of hut finances.

Attendance at the Belfry run to a total of 1474 bed-nights, this figure can be broken down as follows:-

Members bed-nights                   665

Non Members bed-nights            809

Of the Non Member figure, 156 bed-nights were taken up by the Navy Resource and Initiative Training parties making mid week use of the Hut.

For the past six months I have been trying an experimental Hut fee system, relying on the hut users to pay their fees into the conscience box and entering details of their visit on a sheet.  This system relies on the honesty of our hut users to make it work.  We have had some surprisingly honest members.  I would urge my successor to carryon with this system on a more refined basis.  I would be pleased to help in this task.

Finally my thanks for all those too numerous to mention who have helped in the past twelve months. My apologies to our treasurer for my system of accounting which must have been totally alien to him.

Chris Batstone October 1985

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