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Please could you make a special effort to paint the inside of the hut as the paint will be affected by the freezing conditions, so the cheap deal we had on the purchase of the paint will turn into a very dear one.

As I am off to Mexico on the 13th December.  I will not be around to chase you, so please make a special effort to turn out.


P.S.  Insulation needs finishing off.                                              Dany Bradshaw


WARNING         B.E.C. SUBS    WARNING         B.E.C. SUBS    WARNING         B.E.C. SUBS

This will be the last B.B. that you will receive if you have not paid your 1985-86 subscription.

WARNING                B.E.C. SUBS   WARNING        B.E.C. SUBS    WARNING   B.E.C. SUBS

Hut Fund

If I include those people (4) who have given considerably in kind or time, then the number of donations is 37 and the sum received so far £1042.

It is unfair to single anyone out and definitely not en to list those who have donated but I must single out one person who has given (he, in fact, matched £1 for £1 the donations given at the dinner).  Graham Balccmbe has been most generous but instead of us thanking him, which we do, he has asked me to thank the B.E.C. for the help that the then newly formed club gave to him and other early cave divers.  To quote G.B., "As for the amount, well, when I lack at what my successors in the CDG have done, veritably altering the face of modern caving, it dwindles into insignificance".  What more can I say.

Jeremy Henley