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Hon. Editor’s Report.

It is indeed true that the Belfry Bulletin is the main, if not the only link, that some BEC members have with the club, and therefore in an ideal world BB’s should be produced regularly.  Many members would shout "once a month".

However, we do not live in an ideal world.  I see little purpose in concocting a monthly magazine composed almost entirely of the little information gleaned from the Hunter’s and other caving publications together with editor's drivel.  For this reason the BB has been produced as and when there has been enough material to produce something readable.  (It is probable that the BEC saved on postage in this respect).  Thanks to many contributors, the BB has been produced on a more regular basis this year than last and I am very thankful to those who sent in excellent articles, especially those of you who have taken the trouble to have your articles typed.  My apologies to these who have still to wait to see their work in print.  It is not easy finding someone willing to type lengthy prose, often in unfamiliar tongue.

While an the subject of articles, I find it strange that write ups have appeared in magazines like Descent, concerning club's finds and digs while no articles have been sent for publication in the BB.  The club is active, and it is true to say that a caving club is often judged on its published work.  This is one of the main purposes of the BB.

Unfortunately, the job of editor is not just one of editing.  It almost always includes the tasks of typing, illustrating, paste up work, delivery of masters to our volunteer printer, collating, stapling and then taking all the flak concerning typing errors, spelling mistakes, late editions, lost copies etc. etc. etc.

On behalf of the BEC I would like to thank Jeremy Henley for getting the mag printed so often, and Brian and Lucy Workman for addressing and sending the copies out.  Also those members and the many little girls at school who have staggered round the table getting the thing put together.

I have enjoyed being editor to the BEC over the last 2 years, but now I feel it is time to hand over the task to someone with new enthusiasms and a different style.

Once again, thanks to the many friends who have helped.

Robin Gray N.D.D. ACVA.
Hon Editor to the BEC.

Librarian’s Report

As usual the library has “ticked over” with exchange publications and donations of material from members and other clubs, for which - many thanks.

The new library room is complete but much work needs to be done before it becomes the comfortable armchair caver's hideaway which is envisaged.

There were no requests for purchases of particular books this year and due to the present financial position of the club nothing has been spent en the library for some time. It is hoped to remedy the situation on completion of the room.

Tony Jarratt.