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Hon. Sec’s Report.

Club Officers’ Reports – October 1985.

During our Jubilee Year much has been accomplished.  Our membership has risen from 163 to 191 with many past members rejoining.  At present that total includes 50 life members and 34 joint memberships.

The main achievement this year has been the completion of the Belfry improvements, on schedule, as directed by the AGM last year.  The cost of this work has exceeded our original estimations.  The committee was put in the position of accepting the go-ahead to do the work without a firm quotation.  Several builders were approached but all said that by the nature of the work it was difficult to give a quote.  In the end it was decided to give the work to Bradshaw and Baker of Priddy. As work progressed, problems were encountered which could not have been foreseen.  These incurred extra costs.  Wherever possible costs were minimised by doing jobs ourselves and obtaining several items very cheaply or for nothing.  Once it was realised that the costs were going to exceed the funds we had available then a decision had to be made.  Whether to stop at our financial limit or consider further funding for the project.  It was therefore decided to approach our bankers for overdraft facilities.  This we have taken advantage of although not up to the limit allowed.  The committee then circulated the membership for substantial donations which have helped to reduce the overdraft.  Other income has been found from profit made at the Jubilee Barbecue, Souvenir Beer and various fund raising activities.  I will leave the Treasurer to advice you of the exact financial position to date. Although the structure of the improvement is complete there are still many jobs to be done to put the finishing touches to the Belfry.  Also it is necessary to consider the installation of an automated central heating system to maintain the fabric of the property and provide an acceptable environment for the Belfry in keeping with the other improvements.  For this winter our existing storage heaters will be installed but only as a stop gap measure.   There will be no heating in the changing and drying areas.  I hope this illustrates to everyone that besides having no money to make expensive purchases at present, we also need the assistance of members to complete the finishing touches.

During the year the Belfry insurance was increased to cover its improved value and our Public Liability Insurance was changed to the BRCA policy.

Negotiations regarding the Mineries land and around St Cuthbert’s are still in hand, if somewhat slowly.  Any delay is purely as a result of the landowners.  Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise as should they have come up with an offer to purchase or lease the land, we would not have been able to find sufficient funds.

As those of you that attended know, “the Jubilee Celebrations” have gone well, despite the weather with our Barbecue and the Berger trip being successful.

Unfortunately, one action from last year’s AGM has not. been possible to carry out.  This is the Cuthbert’s publication.  Two reasons account for this - (1) lack of money – (2) the heavy workload on the committee and others.  Perhaps further thought should be given to the project at this meeting.

This year there are three resignations from the committee, these being myself, Stuart McManus and Chris Batstone.  Despite being circulated no nominations were received by the closing date.  Therefore, as has been the trend for too many years now, there will be no committee elections and co-options will be necessary to make the committee up to its usual number of 9.

The final Jubilee event - our Dinner takes place tonight when I hope everyone has an enjoyable evening.

Tim Large