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AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual general meeting of the Bristol Exploration Club held at the Belfry on Saturday, 5th October 1985

The meeting was convened by the Hon. Sec. Tim Large, there being sufficient quorum present at 10.40am.


Tim Large, Joan Bennett, Bob Cork, Dany Bradshaw, John Dukes, Paul Hodgson, Ian Caldwell, Axel Knutson, Dave Pike, Andrew Middleton, Richard Payne, Alan Turner, Dave Turner, Jeremy Henley, Brian Workman, Kangy King, Chris Batstone, Steve Milner, Mark Lumley, Tony Jarratt, Keith Gladman, John Turner, Andy Lovell, Georgina Ainsley, Tim Gould, Frank Darbon, Laurence Smith, John Watson, Greg Villis, Pete (Snablet) Macnab, Brian Prewer, Stu McManus, Pete (Snab) Macnab, Chris Smart, Bob Hill, Martin Grass, Glenys Grass, Robin Gray and Chris Castle.

Apologies:- Pete Franklin, Richard Clarke, Edric Hobbs, Mike Wigglesworth, Dave Irwin, Rob Harper, Lavinia Watson, Fiona Lewis and Phil Romford.

Nominations were requested for a chairman Stuart McManus and Kangy King were nominated.  A vote was taken which Kangy won by a large majority.

Minutes of 1984 A.G.M.  There had previously been published 'in the B.B. They were taken as read and accepted by the meeting unanimously.

Matters Arising. Tim Large pointed out that these would be dealt with elsewhere during the course of the meeting.

Hon. Sec’s Report. Tim Large read his report to the meeting.  No questions were forthcoming.  Proposed Chris Batstone, seconded Stuart McManus that the report be accepted. Carried unanimously.  A vote of thanks for Tim’s work for the club was proposed by Stuart McManus, seconded Chris Batstone - carried.

Hon. Treasurer’s Report.  Jeremy Henley produced the financial accounts which were distributed at the meeting. He highlighted the need to raise as much money as possible to reduce the overdraft taken out to cover the costs of the Belfry improvements.  At present this stands at £2750.  Proposed Dave Turner, seconded Stuart McManus that the report be accepted - carried.  A vote of thanks was expressed at the meeting.

Hon. Auditor’s Report.  Joan Bennett had examined the accounts and found that they represented a fair and reasonable record of the club’s financial position.  The report was accepted by the meeting and a vote of thanks given.

Caving Secretary’s Report.  Stuart McManus read his report to the meeting.  Proposed John Turner, seconded Martin Grass that the report be accepted. Carried and a vote of thanks given.

Hut Warden’s Report. Chris Batstone read his report. Stuart McManus highlighted the need for a full time hut warden for the smooth running of the Belfry.  Proposed Dany Bradshaw, seconded Paul Hodgson that the report be accepted.  Carried and a vote of thanks given.

Tackle Mater’s report.  Bob Cork said that last year we had 26 ladders.  We still have 26 ladders - but not necessarily the same ladders!  Some appear to have been swapped for ones of other manufacture.  There are several lifelines and two tackle bags missing.   Some tackle is still in Eastwater Westend series.  Abuse of spreaders and tethers still continues. He considered that the system started last year whereby the tackle is more freely available to member is working reasonable well.  The only expenditure this year has been the purchase of tackle bags.  New lifelines will be needed soon.  Proposed Dany Bradshaw, seconded Tony Jarratt that the report be accepted.  Carried and a vote of thanks given.

Editor’s Report. Robin Gray read his report to the meeting.  He highlighted the problem of the shortage of articles without which the B.B. could not be produced.  Joan Bennett said that she was disappointed by not seeing an obituary to Oliver Lloyd. Tony Jarratt agreed to ask Mike Jeanmaire to write one.  Proposed Stuart McManus, seconded Dany Bradshaw that the report be accepted. Carried and a vote of thanks given.

Hut Engineer’s Report.  Dany Bradshaw said that work on the Belfry went well with much effort being put in by members to save expenditure wherever possible.  There is much finishing work off work to do, which members will have to do as no funds are available to pay contractors anymore.  Some work includes outstanding maintenance items.  Stuart McManus pointed out that Dany did much work on the Belfry in his own time without charge.  Also that we have thank John Dukes for the electrical wiring work. A vote of thanks was given to both. Proposed Keith Gladman, seconded Chris Batstone that the report be accepted - carried by meeting.

Librarian’s Report. Tony Jarratt read his report to the meeting.  Proposed Paul Hodgson, seconded Chris Smart that the report be accepted - carried.

Ian Dear Memorial Fund.  Stuart McManus explained the purpose of the fund - being to provide grants to younger members, or these not in full time employment, to enable them to travel and go on foreign expeditions.  This account is kept separate from all other finances.  This year only one grant was given of £60 to Lisa Taylor who went on the Gouffre Berger trip.  Proposed Dave Turner, seconded Brian Workman that the report be accepted - carried.

Election of Officers

Treasurer :                     Jeremy Henley
Hon. Sec.:                     Bob Cork
Hut Engineer:    Dany Bradshaw

Ordinary committee members: Brian Workman, Phil Romford.

These were the only persons standing from last year's committee.  As no nominations were received the following co-options were made at the meeting.

Caving Sec.:                  Mark Lumley
Hut Warden:                  Tony Jarratt
B.B. Editor:                   Dave Turner
Ordinary members:        Tim Gould, Ian Caldwell.

Proposed Bob Cork, seconded Dany Bradshaw that the A.G.M. instructs the new committee to examine the constitution with regards to the methods of election of the officers and committee of the club.  Passed unanimously.

Any Other Business

1.                  Proposed Bob Cork, seconded Stuart McManus that Tim Large be made an Honorary Life Member of the club in recognition of his work far the club.  Carried unanimously.

2.                  Jeremy Henley asked the meeting to consider raising the subscription, although it was not necessary for running the club at present.  It has been several years since it was last raised and we do have an overdraft. Better to raise it often and in small amounts rather than wait for a large rise when it is unavoidable. Proposed Brian Prewer, seconded Ian Caldwell that the annual membership subscription be increased to £12.  A vote was taken.  For 27, Against 7, abstentions 2.

3.                  John Dukes advised the meeting of our need for some new night storage heaters. Donations welcome.

4.                  Brian Prewer proposed, Paul Hodgson seconded, a vote of thanks to all those who helped organise the club’s Gouffre Berger expedition - carried.

There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 1.27pm.