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Sec’s Change

by Bob Cork

As you are probably aware Tim Large has resigned the secretary ship as from the A.G.M.  As his successor I have a high standard to upkeep if I am to do the job half as well.

Tim has served the club as secretary for a period of 8 years since 1977, in which time he has not only carried out the day to day running of the club, but has also been a major contributor to all the club’s projects.  Two of the more recent ones that come to mind being the Belfry improvements and the 50th Anniversary trip to the Gouffre Berger.

In recognition of his services to the club it was proposed by the committee and ratified by the A.G.M. that he be made a honorary member of the club.

I have recently received a circular from that most wondrous of organisations - the ‘National Caving Association'.  It is basically a census of cavers and caving clubs, the information from which will be used to support Sport's Council grants etc.

The first part of the form concerns itself with the usual rank, name, and serial number type questions relating to the club.  The second part is more difficult to answer, it manifests itself in the form of a table down one side of which are a list of age groups, under 18’5, 18-21, over 50’s etc. This poses no problem if all our members have been truthful about their age.  I mean everybody knows Alan Thomas is under 40 and J’Rat is 102 or would profess to be.  The next four columns adjacent to the ages refer to "grades" of cavers. They are headed "Grade 1" (hard caver), "Grade 2" (fairly active caver), "Grade 3" (occasional caver) and last but not least "Grade 4" (armchair caver). We have been asked to list numbers of our members who fall into each category, i.e. the number of armchair cavers we have who are under 18.  This as you can imagine is a delicate and awkward task.  I would appreciate it if the more modest of you would put pen to paper and send in to the B.B. editor what you think your personal grading should be and the reasons why.  Also if you have a grading in mind for another member, let me know.

Dr. Oliver Lloyd

On a more serious note, it is with great regret that we hear of the death of Dr. Oliver Cromwell Lloyd, a member of this club for many years.  He was respected throughout the caving community for the "true" character that he was and will be remembered by all of us for his contributions to the caving world.

Berger 85

The club's 50th anniversary expedition to the Gouffre Berger this summer proved a great success as all who came along will testify.  The cave soon realised it had met its Waterloo and allowed 28 of the team to bottom it.  A full account of the trip 3 will hopefully be published in a future issue.  [Only if some one sends me one!! – ed.]

Business and Pleasure

Stu McManus, who is the effluent side of his new company "Water and Effluent Treatment Services" or W.E.T.S. for short, has recently returned from his first overseas project in Brunei, Borneo. Whilst there he managed to take time out between work and running away from snakes, to visit the " Sarawak National Park" and its caves.  We hope to see an article and slide show from him in the future.

50th Anniversary Dinner

Alan Thomas has written an account of what must be one of the most enjoyable and historic club dinners most of us have been to.  The quality of the after dinner speeches was excellent and Alfie's splendid men who "drink like ten" surpassed themselves in the performance of "Oliver".

Another Golden Jubilee

The 6th October saw our 50th celebrations attended by many names from the past.  Most of whom had also spent the previous night in the third chamber of Wookey Hole celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first cave dive. The evening was organised by Jim Hanwell and all who had had an association with the cave were welcome. A demonstration of the sump rescue apparatus was given by Bob Drake and Geoff Price followed by much reminiscing between C.D.G. members, past and present.

Belfry Brew

This high gravity specially labelled beer may be now obtained from the Hunters or the Belfry at 90p per bottle or £1 if you are generous.  There is a limited number so it is wise to purchase early.


Members will be pleased to know that the Barengasse Windschacht, a BEC find, was bottomed this summer at a depth of 640m, where it terminated a tight sump, by a team from the in Northern Cave Club.