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JayRat and others have been down Upper Flood and he say’s the formations are magnificent.  Access is closely controlled by the MCG who limit parties to a maximum size of 4 including the MCG leader.  Tony has promised an article for the next BB.

Hunter’s Hole has been visited recently by Tim Large etc with a view to possibly digging there again to bypass Cuthbert’s sump.

Ian Caldwell and John Watson have been back to their greasy hole at the bottom of Manor Farm - maybe it’ll go this time.

St. Cuthbert’s has had a few trips recently but it appears that no work has taken place in the cave since the marathon pumping epic in the summer.

Hut Fund

Things are looking up! Thank you all you good hearted friends and I might add that you are not all members of the club.  32 people have now donated £999; the smallest £5, the largest (two) £100 each.

The retiring secretary, latent life member, Tim Large told us at the the A.G.M. that we have 191 members of which about 32 members were joint so there are still a lot of you out there who I would like to hear from.  No donation is too small.  Don’t be shy, Shylock Henley's here and he will accept any sum from anyone.

B.E.C. Balloon Flights Raffle

The draw for the Balloon Flights raffle took place recently and the lucky winners were as follows:-

1st prize of 2 basket places                                            Ticket

            G.Fish, Weston super Mare.                               (1021)

2nd prize of 2 basket places

            Lil Romford, Bat Products                                   (233)

3rd prize of 1 basket place

            A. Hayward, Wilton, Taunton       (1447)

Jeremy will be contacting the winners shortly and Dave Turner and Brian Workman will fly the lucky few as soon as possible, bearing in mind that ballooning is most probably the most weather dependant sport there is.

The draw made £130 which is very disappointing as the current price for balloon flights is about £60. So we have donated £300 worth of flights for under half price!  If we ever do it again I shall expect a bigger effort from members as here was a missed opportunity to boost the club funds at a time when it is so badly needed.

Dave Turner.