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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Nr Wells, Somerset.
Editor: D.P.Turner

As no one else was very forthcoming when Robin resigned as editor at the AGM it seemed a good idea at the time for me to try out my new word processing program on my computer - so it looks as if you will have to put up with me as editor for a while.  I’ve never been very prolific with caving articles and I hope that I do not have to start now.  What I am good at is pestering people and so all of you who promised me articles - beware!!  As all editors will tell you, this is your journal and it’s up to you to let me know what’s been happening.  I don't mind how you give me material, handwritten will do if you can't type, even on toilet paper (clean only if you please!). I  apologise for the quality of the print of this BB, next month I hope to have a better printer on my computer.

I was sorry to hear of the death recently of Oliver Lloyd, a life member of the BEC for many years. Oliver had considerable influence in the caving scene, particularly cave diving which he ran almost as a benevolent dictator for many years, and I am pleased that we have managed to persuade Mike Jeanmaire (Fish) to write an obituary for the B.B.  I started my caving at the time Oliver was pushing Vicarage Pot in Swildons and can still remember the way he led the trips with authority and thoughtfulness.

Club Committee 1985-86

Hon. Sec.                                  Bob Cork
Hon. Treasurer                           Mark Lumley
Caving Sec.                               Jeremy Henley
Hut Warden                               Tony Jarratt
Hut Engineer                             Dany Bradshaw
B.B. Editor                                Dave Turner
Tackle Master                            Steve Milner
Membership Sec.                       Brian Workman
Asst. Hut Warden                      Tim Gould

Committee members                  Phil Romford
                                                Ian Caldwell