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THE BARBECUE. This is to be held on Saturday 22nd June 1985.  The theme will be Viking Fancy Dress.  Tickets costing £2.50 each are available from Brian Workman Tele. Oakhill 840815. Games will be played around The Mineries for The Wessex Challenge Trophy which we won last year.  Tickets will be on sale about 1 month before.  Volunteers are needed to help organise this event.

GOLDEN JUBILEE DINNER.  This will be held on Saturday 5th October 1985 at The Cheese Pavilion, Bath & West Show Ground, near Shepton Mallet.  The room will sit up to 300 people.  I hope members will spread the word to encourage as many past and present members as possible to celebrate our 50th year.

THE BELFRY IMPROVEMENTS.  These are now completed and the remaining work left to do is the fitting out of the kitchen, bunkrooms etc some of which will be left until extra money is available. As you are now aware these improvements have cost more than at first expected, in order to pay these debts off your financial support is needed.  If you are in doubt as to whether the modified Belfry is worth your support do come up to Mendip and see for yourself.  I am sure you will be well pleased with the result. We now have a club hut specifically designed to cater for caving activities which can easily be maintained and cleaned.

To look further ahead I can see the next project will be central heating.  This will provide a level of comfort and drying facilities which people these days have come to expect.  It will also ensure that the building is kept dry and also ensure that the frozen pipe problems experienced in recent winters is not

repeated.  This causes both inconvenience and extra expense in repairs.  Some items of furniture, kitchen equipment and shelving for the Library are also required. Any member who has anything which they could donate to the Belfry please consult with the Hut Warden - Chris Batstone. In the past well meaning members have bought along such items to the Belfry for use without consulting the Hut Warden thus resulting in us having more furniture than we had room for and giving us the problem of disposal.  At present as the bunk capacity is reduced we have plenty of mattresses for the time being. One item which too well is the fridge - if anyone has an old fridge in working order and preferably one which will fit under a work surface then it would be much appreciated.