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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset. Telephone Wells  72126.

Editor: Robin Gray

Members will be sad to learn of the death of Postle (J.M. Thompsettt).  Providing a link with the immediate post war pars when the ‘Barn’ was club headquarters on Mendip, he will be missed by many members.  Our sympathy goes out to Dizzie and her family.

Odds & Ends

The Club has for sale a quantity of car stickers in blue vinyl with white lettering.  They bear the standard plebs motif with the novelty being that, as usual, the BEC thought of it first (over 20 years ago in fact) so with this superior thought in mind you may decorate your car with the excellent caption "The BEC do it to EXCESS'.  60p each from Tim Large or the the Belfry.  Proceeds towards the new St Cuthbert’s Sump Pump.

Hordes of old members have been spotted on the hill recently.  They include Don and Stella Hassell, Angus, Barry Lane, Chris Hall, Dizzie Tompsett, Tom Gage, Graham Phippen, Graham Wilton-Jones, 'Foulmouth' McKee, Sett, Alfie, John Cornwall etc.  Lets hope we see them all in October and, along with many more, at the 50th anniversary feast.

Alan Thomas is preparing for the winter.  He has started to raise a fresh crop of duvet filling that lays eggs as well (except, as Alan says, when there's a Duck strike on!)