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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset. Telephone Wells  72126.

Editor: Robin Gray

Note: Held over till the next BB.  The Dave’s Cave.  Further Radio Location.

From the Editor.

Congratulations to Quiet John and Lavinia who got married short while ago.

It seems that the long distance plug for the working weekend was a good idea.  A good number of workers turned up and a lot of work was done. The Belfry is now a beautiful shade of green and the bunk room looks a lot better.  However, Dany has put up a long list of jobs that still need to be done as soon as possible.  The outside window frames are scraped and will need painting before they start to rot. We have planned another Working Weekend. Please turn to the back page for details.  Many thanks to those of you who turned up and worked so hard.  Lets have even more next time!

People have been seen taking vast quantities of plastic bottles and inflatables down Cuthbert’s. It would be nice to have an article on the theory behind this strange game, or at least taste some of the results of this secret brewing activity.  It has been suggested that vast quantities of soup are being prepared in sump 2!

I have been asked to write a few lines about my recent trip to West End but I don't think that I need to.  I'll just show you my hands and my new gloves and say that this is a really superb extension made even more exciting if you are a little on the round side.

Many thanks for articles received for the BB but I still need more!  Keep them coming and good caving.