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Review……The Caves Of India & Nepal.

H. Daniel Gebauer

Obtainable from Tony Oldham; Bat Products; etc; Price £5.00.

A new publication in the style of the old Britain Underground, listing all known cave sites in the two countries.  Surveys of the larger cave and a very compreh6nsive bibliography are included, as is a report on the Speleologische Südaisen Expedition 1981/82 of which the author was a member.

Written in both English and German with one or two entertaining translation errors: - . . . ‘of course there are hundreds of bats and- an abundance of porcupine’s pricks’.

Essential reading for those with an interest in the potentially very promising karst areas of the Indian Sud-continent.


Discount Dying

In a recent article in a management journal, the Ilkestone Co-op (nr Nottingham) are giving 50% discounts on the price of a funeral if you arrange it before you die!   The offer apparently also gives the person preferential treatment and discounts at all its retail outlets.  This could mean up to 3 extra barrels at the wake!!!

Pegasus C.C. correspondent.