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University Of Bristol Paul Esser Memorial Lecture 1984

Our Lecturer for 1984 will be the canoeist, Dave Manby.  He will be describing some of the white-water canoeing expeditions that he has made, under the general title of:


This was the conclusion arrived at by a Yorkshire man on a coach tour of Austria, when he saw the canoeing party climbing up the river bank into the car park in Landeck.

Dave Manby has been canoeing since 1968, has visited the Himalayas three times, the Orinoco Naipure Rapids, British Columbia, the U.S.A. and Alberta.  In 1982 he paddled the greater part of the Coruh River in N.E. Turkey.  His British Columbia expedition in 1979 included the first British descent of the Overlander Falls, an 8 metre vertical drop on the Fraser River!  His 1983 expedition is another attempt on the Braldu River of K.2. - solo - returning in November. 

The lecture will be given at 8.15 pm. on Wednesday, 15th February, 1984 in the large physics lecture theatre, Tyndall Avenue, University of Bristol.  The Vice-Chancellor will be in the chair.

If parties coming from a distance will let me know beforehand, I can have seats reserved for them. Admission is free.  Write to Dr. Oliver Lloyd, Withey House, Withey Close West, Bristol, BS9 3SX

1st November. 1983