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Hut Wardens Report I982

It must be pointed out that I took this post by default, since no other person would take the responsibility.  I made it clear that that I would accept the post on my terms and that it would not be entirely satisfactory in that I was not regularly staying at the Belfry over Weekends.  However, I did set out to improve the declining services offered.  A major concern was that the Royal Navy may move to another club for their mid week activities, thereby depriving us of considerable income. After a lot of hard work with the help of a very few, the condition of the Belfry was considerably improved resulting in the RN coming to us again and regularly.

Early in the year I fitted a new front door and look which required issuing new keys on request, about 60 have been issued since.  During my term I went into business with my own caving shop.  Unfortunately this resulted in not being able to put in the effort that I should have over the last four months.  However, I have kept up to date with the Belfry accounts as the Treasurers report shows.

Bed nights.  During the year 82-83 there were 1547 members and guest nights and 693 Navy nights; in 61-82 there were 1866 ordinary nights and 621 Navy nights.  Thus we were down by 339 ordinary nights and up by 72 Navy nights, on balance there was less income this year than last.

It is my recommendation that the new Hut Warden should be both regularly staying at the Belfry and that he should have a well developed sense of responsibility.  Members should be strongly discouraged to not use the Belfry as a Pig Sty and giving guests the wrong impression.  My thanks go to those few who have helped me through this year.

P. J. Romford
Hut Warden

Would those who have lockers in the Belfry please let me know which they have and send me the fees due. Locks on lockers unidentified at the end of March 1984 will be removed and the lockers emptied and relocked with new locks.

Large lockers round Belfry Table - 50p.

Tall lockers - £1.00.

J. Henley