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Job's For The Boy's

Digging Projects which NEED YOUR HELP.   Compiled by Tony Jarratt

A member recently told me that not enough information was printed in the BB about club digs.  He suggested that a list be compiled and published in the hope of maybe attracting some of the newer (and older) members into action.  All sites listed are either Official or Semi-Official Club Dig Sites and their respective FOREMEN would be pleased to see you turn out for YOUR shift!

EASTWATER (Westend Series)

A vast amount of work still needs to be done here.  A main line survey has so far been completed as far as the squeeze before Lolly Pot, there is still over 1,000 feet of side passages still to be done.  Much of this is in the first part of the extension and could be done on a midweek evening trip.  This area still has to be further explored and there is a chance of a connection to the Boulder Chamber or 380 Foot Way areas which would make the route a lot easier.

The very end of Greek Street still needs digging, but it is taking a rather large stream making progress difficult, unpleasant and potentially lethal.  With the next dry spell the dig should yield a lot more passage judging by the howling gale which is draughting out.  Water Tracing, further photography and Smoke Tests still have to be carried out. Interested parties should contact Tim Large or Tony Jarratt.

EASTWATER (Morton¬ís Pot)

Temporarily out of favour due to recent discoveries, work should hopefully restart soon with the help of NHASA's compressed air drilling rig.  A promising site with good potential.  Main contact Tim Large or Tony Jarratt for details.


Digging and Blasting at the end of the cave making a nice change from Eastwater - some 20 feet of low bedding passage taking a stream can be seen ahead.  Some recent problems have been experienced with CO2 build up making digging trips short.  A good midweek digging project.  Contact Tim Large or Tony Jarratt for details.


A very promising site at the very bottom of the cave, with lots of potential.  Due to ROMANCE digging has waned here in recent times so a new influx of blood is needed to keep this superb site going.  See John Watson for details.


A nice cosy dry cave just five minutes walk from Biffo's teapot (and wine bottles) will hopefully be this years winters digging project.  An ideal midweek dig with a good chance of breaking into the further reaches of Wookey Hole.  Contact Trevor Hughes for details.

Gough's Cave

Visit Mendips most luxurious dig site.  Helmets, lamps and overalls provided most freshly laundered.  Warm sheltered changing facilities with running water and hand drier - what better way to spend and evening than building sand castles, and what about playing with a model railway!  Fancy an adventure caving trip (ITS HARD, ITS DIRTY, ITS FUN).  For those with an eye to becoming a television personality the possibility is there and especially for the ladies how about Page 3 of The Wells Journal.  The dig itself is a large black hole (don't all rush) heading out into the unknown. The HARD WORK takes place on a Thursday night 6.30-9pm followed by a well earned drink in the Cliff Hotel.  Contact Tim Large or Chris Bradshaw for details.


Another temporarily lapsed site best left for a dry spell.  Contact Tony Jarratt for details.


Borrowed from NHASA a couple of years ago and now returned to them (in better condition).  Contact Brian Prewer far further details.


A new site directly above the presumed route of Swildons.  No obvious surface indications but should be excavated just in case. The area to be covered is some 20x60 feet and grass seed will be provided for those with a conservationist outlook.  For details contact Jane Thomas.


TIM LARGE, Wells, Somerset,


TREV HUGHES, Wookey Hole, Somerset

CHRIS BRADSHAW, C/O Cheddar Caves.

BRIAN PREWER, West Horrington, Nr Wells Somerset.