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Brian Prewer reports that on the evening of 5th Jan much of the unstable passage at the start of the Browne -Stewart series moved blocking the entire section.  Much work has gone on in this part of Reads over the last year as reported by Mark Lumley in BB420 and Descent 55.  Two cavers must count themselves lucky to be in the land of the living today as they were there when the big rocks were on the move.  It is unlikely that the series will be entered for a long time.


The farmer has requested that all cavers wishing to change before and after visiting the cave should use the barn as local residents and visitors have no wish to see your bum and various other bits and pieces.

He is aware that often large groups of novices visit the cave and this causes him some concern as he is well aware of the caves ability to flood and become dangerous.  He has no wish to put any limit on caving at present. Please shut all gates and stick to the path to and from the cave.  The Council of Southern Caving Clubs Suggests that the Burrington area is a more suitable training ground for novices and a note to this effect is to be found in the Belfry.


Only a few members turned out to lend a hand at the last working week end but a fair amount of work was done non-the-less.  There is still a considerable amount of work to be done much of which is urgent.  The next working week end will be held on the 4th and 5th of February.  Please try to come and lend a hand and let’s hope for good weather.