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Mendip's Oddest Cave Entrance

Although previously noticed by others it was only on a recent Swildons trip that the writer spotted a third potential way in, almost directly above the grilled 'flood entrance’. From inside the cave it is possible to look up an aven, 15 feet high approx: and circular in form, to daylight. Though slightly too small for human passage it could be widened using a carpenter's saw as the aven is straight through the trunk of the large old tree adjacent to the blockhouse.  If passed it would add a completely natural extra 15 feet of depth to the cave though the fine crop of toadstools growing from the underground roots would be somewhat upset.


Club Trips For I984

I initially thought of producing a 12 month trip list for 1984, but no sooner had I started, when I found other events on the caving and social scene clashed with my suggested trip dates.  Oh well! What made my task even harder was that except for a few suggestions by others, the trips were my own suggestions. This I thought is NOT what it's all about so come on you club members (young and old) give me your suggestions for caving trips; the ones you'd really like to go on.  Perhaps you could even lead one of them!!

I’ve decided therefore to produce a trip list for the next six months and as you can see, cover the major caving areas within the U.K. (and Eire).  Other trips are constantly to being arranged at the Belfry and the Hunters, and trips to OFD, DYO, Rock and Fountain can be arranged at short notice.

One final word - 'CLUB EXPEDITION' (OK I know that's two!).  Bob Cork and Dany Bradshaw are looking for people to join them on their trip to Austria to continue their success in the Barengassewindschact in June/July. Response at present is slow, so come on lads and lasses, see Bob or Dany if you're interested.

Mac.  3.1.84

P.S. If you have already arranged or are intending to arrange a trip and you have spare places to fill, you can always ring me at home on Wells 74061.