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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Rd. Priddy, Wells.  Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126

Editor: Robin Gray

From the Editor

Happy New Year...May I984 be a tremendous year for us all with successful trips, magnificent discoveries, and everyone getting their share of the action.

Well,here it is.  My first BB.  Firstly, many thanks to Bassett for the really superb job that he has done for so long and for making it easy for me to take over.  It will be a hard task for me to maintain his high standard.  At least my typing should improve!

Thanks to all of you who have provided material for this BB; I have some held over for next time, but don't let that put you off writing more.

I984 looks like being an exciting year for the B.E.C.  The new extensions to the Belfry should. make life easier but will take a lot of fund raising; something the B.E.C. have not been heavily involved in before, preferring to spend all their time caving.  That’s fine, but we can't complain if the living conditions become poor as a result.

Please have a go at my caption comp.  It seems like an easy way to raise a few pounds. Dany has asked me to draw your eye to his note about the next working weekend.....Page 3.  Many thanks to Fi for her help with the typing and please keep the articles coming in.

Cheers, good caving.


Library Additions

Collieries of Kingswood & South Gloucestershire by John Cornwall

The Caves of India & Nepal by H.Daniel Gebaur (see review)

Bulletin of the S. African Speleo; Assn. 1956-1978 (Some missing)

Many thanks to Dr. Steve Craven of SASA/CPC for these.

Cango - The story of the Cango Caves of S. Africa by SASA

Scotland Underground by Alan (Goon) Jeffreys.

Thanks to C. Batstone Esq. for donation of Descent, BB’s ,Wessex Journals etc, and to Jonathon Roberts (MCG)for a similar heap of publications.