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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset. Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126

Editor: G. Wilton-Jones

BassettÂ’s Notes

B.B. EDITORSHIP: Robin Gray has now taken over the post of B.B. Editor, and this therefore the last Belfry Bulletin I shall be producing.  Thank you once again to all who have helped in this task, particularly those of you who have actually written for the magazine.

Articles should now be sent to:

Robin Gray, , Wells, Somerset.  Robin is on the telephone, on Wells (0749) xxxxx.

He has a couple of articles already, but he'll need lots more than that for the first B.B. of the new year, so get writing!!

BLACKMOOR FLOOD SWALLET: Rumour has it that 1300 feet of passage has been found there.

BOATCHURCH: This cave does not actually exist, and was just one of many typing errors. Sorry!

LIBRARY: There are two additions to our exchange list:

South African Spelaeological Association Bulletin;

Israel Cave Research Centre publications.

CUCKOO CLEEVES: The cave is now re-opened.  It will be permanently sealed if the landowner finds that the lock has gone missing again.  WE HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Personally, I am pessimistic about the cave's future.  Someone is bound to smash the lock off sooner or later, and Cuckoo will join places like Plantation Swallet, Hollowfield, Flowerpot and Tankards (to name but a few) in that great cave graveyard under tons of earth and rubbish.

ROCK AND FOUNTAIN: Not so long ago the gate was stolen, and even hung on the wall of the Craven Heifer for a time.  Very recently the new, reinforced gate was sawn off its hinges, again by cavers from the North of England.  O.K.  It was a joke and a laugh the first time, but it is now a police matter.  The landowner demands that the cave be gated or the (albeit slightly restricted) access will be denied to all cavers

A dig at the end of the North West inlet streamway, noted first by Martin Grass and lengthened somewhat during a B.E.C. trip, carries a howling Welsh draught and the potential is enormous.