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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset. Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126

Editor: G. Wilton-Jones

Belfry Bulletin Editor's Report, 1983.

The year did not begin well, and with the chaos resulting from my move to Somerset the first issue was a four month job published in November.  The Christmas bulletin was hot on its heels, and was more like the size we ought to expect - 34 pages.

The remaining issues have all been bi-monthly, averaging only a dozen or so pages - recently it has been easier (almost) to get blood out of stones.  My hopes, expressed in my report last year, of producing a monthly B.B. have been thwarted largely due to lack of articles, in spite of the fact that caving activities by club members are thriving, particularly in the area of new exploration.

With some issues up to 30% has been written by me.  This is not the way for a decent B.B., which should be the result of contributions by all members.  I hope that next year's editor will have much greater success in persuading other people to write for the magazine, so that he is able to perform his allotted task, that of editing, instead of spending his time and energies space-filling.

My thanks are due to all those who have written for the B.B., not only during the last year but also over the three years of my editorship, and also to those who have assisted with publication, especially Jeremy Henley, for organising the printing; Dave Turner for the computerised address list and labelling facility; Trev Hughes for organising collation and distribution of the May/June issue while I was in India, and the few who have regularly assisted with collation around the Belfry table.

I wish the next editor well in his difficult task.  Relieved of the burden of responsibility I shall be on hand at times to assist where necessary, and even write the odd article.  After a suitable break I may even stand for re-election to the committee.

Graham Wilton-Jones.