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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset Telephone: Wells (0149) 72126

Editor: G. Wilton-Jones

Bassett’s Notes

COUNTY CLARE, EIRE, EASTER 1983.  This very successful meet is only just over.  Many members forsook South Wales to visit the land of Guinness at £l.00 per pint and petrol at £2.79 a gallon.  Even the falling Pund failed to cut the cost much, but a good time was had by all in spite of the cost.  Some stayed at Peg McCarthy's cottage (first used as a cavers' cottage back in 1962 when a mixed party of B.E.C., Wessex and Shepton stayed there) some went for the better endowed quarters at Kilshanny, and yet others braved the rain, hail, wind and snow (yes, SNOW) and camped by Doolin Strand. We were all received by the O'Connors as old friends.

Many pints were consumed (though Colin Dooley failed to beat his 1971 record of 24 pints in one day and 163 pints in a. week) and, believe it or riot, a great deal of caving was done.

Pete Glanvill & Co. discovered a rather fine extension to the little visited 'Cave of the Wild Horses' (no doubt an article will be forthcoming).  While Pollnagollum - Poulelva and St. Catherines - Fisherstreet saw the usual vast numbers of cavers.  Wormhole got lost again - but then so did most other people at one time or another.  Bolt discovered the joys of a peat fire, and Hannah the dog had the time of her life, plus a few of Mrs. McCarthy's chickens.

Gussie O'Connor has told everyone that there a big reunion next Easter - 72 hours of Guinness and plenty of floor space in the intervals – should there be any.

SIDCOT SWALLET. Andy Sparrow and his men are digging at the bottom of the cave, and have excavated into a phreatic tunnel.  Progress is slow but steady.  In usual sparrow-style, Andy says he won't write anything until there is more to write about (by which time it will not be news say I.)   Perhaps I can get someone to extract his notes from the Club log.