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EDITORIAL DISPLEASURE: Over the past few weeks there has been a distinct lack of articles. Therefore it’s a rather thin B.B. covering two months.  In future I shall number each B.B. according to issue, and not the months covered. Thus, this B.B. is not Vol. 37, Nos. 1 & 2.  The next issue will be no. 2 for the year, whether it comes out in March or December…and that depends upon you.  Put pen to paper now!

DEADLINE for next issue's articles is Monday March 21st.  Write or 'phone (Wedmore 712284) or give me your offering when you see me in the Hunters.

GAPING GHYLL - INGLEBOROUGH: I suggested a couple of issues ago that I might soon have a snippet about the G.G./Ingleboro' System.  After yet another dive by Geoff Crossley and Geoff Yeadon the two caves were finally linked, though only just.

A passage leads From Radergast’s Revenge, above the Ingleborough sumps, to a boulder choke. In Gaping Ghyll, beyond the Clay Cavern Orifice and below the Spirla Aven area, a small tube descends to a chamber ,in which the ceiling and three of the walls are very loose boulders (The "Boy" dug there for a time when he was a member of ULSA, while Jane Clake, "Bones” of the B.P.C. and I had another poke there last Whitsun.  The G.G. chamber was proven, by radio-location and an ultra accurate re-survey to lie very close to the choke off Radagast's.  On the connection trip a party was present in the chamber. Initially only a visual connection was made, but, at another point, through the boulders in the roof of the G.G. chamber, a foot/hand connection was possible.

Due to the instability of the G.G. chamber, digging the choke from this side has been rejected, and digging to make a through trip feasible will take place from the Ingleborough end.

I wonder if the newspapers have remembered their promise, made years ago, of £1,000 to people who manage to link the two caves.

SUBS:  Apologies from Fi if you have paid your subscription for 1983 (if you're reading this B.B. you should have by now) but have not yet had a receipt.  The late issue of receipts is due to Tim & Fi's move a few doors up the road.

CAVE SCIENCE: B.C.R.A. TRANSACTIONS:  These are quite often rather deep, very specialist papers, their subjects totally beyond the understanding of the average caver and far outside his or her interests.  However, all of Vol. 9, No. 4, Dec. 1982, should be essential reading for all active cavers.  Its title is "Techniques and Equipment".  You'll find it in our library.  Make good use of it.

AGEN ALLWEDD: Martyn Farr tells me that he has been along on some of the Chelsea S.S. digging sessions in Trident Passage (off the end of Main Passage) where a crawl now extends for over 1800 feet.  The new passage runs parallel to Southern Stream Passage.  It appears to be the upper fraction of a much larger passage. The infill starts as a fine grained deposit - typical Aggie Main Passage stuff, but gradually becomes coarser throughout the length of the extension.  Clearly the hope is that finally the fill will be cobbles, and then there will be the river....

There is an enticing draught at the digging face, and the very easy progress (tens of feet at a time) mean there is no shortage of diggers, in spite of the arduous hour of flat out crawling required.

Some of the Rock and Fountain Caving Group climbed into ''new" passage above Turkey sump, only to find that C.S.S. had been there before - a long ago unrecorded visit. However, there are good possibilities of extension.

C.S.S. have discovered that three times the volume of water upstream of the 4th boulder choke flows downstream to the 5th choke.   3 - 1 = 2. Therefore there must be another big streamway, somewhere behind the 5th choke, and a new dig is planned for the site.

MEXICO: Bob, Dany and J-Rat have returned to Mendip full of tales, and there has already been a slide show in the back-room at the Hunters.  We await their full, written report with eager anticipation.

DONATIONS:  Many thanks to Oliver Lloyd for a donation of £5 towards the Building Fund, and also to John King and J.R.S. Roberts for donations of £20 towards the same fund.  The fund is steadily growing.  What ideas have YOU had for raising more loot?

ADDRESS LIST:  Thanks are due to Dave Turner and one of his computers for the new, computerised address list.  Dave has created a suitable programme and we have just about completed the listing.  The system is easy to update and to alter, and has just about done away with one of my biggest chores - writing address labels.  Did you notice the label on your last B.B.?

WOOKEY HOLE:  Trev Hughes and Rob Harper have pushed a passage that bypasses Sump 23.  It may be that extensions to this passage will be made in the future, giving a dry route all the way from 20 to 24.  Some avens remain to be climbed.

This news is rather brief. Trev hopes to be able to put together an article for us, but it seems that C.D.G. have copyright on any writing about Wookey.  Funny, I thought there was no such thing as copyright in caving circles.  Anyway, Trev is trying to obtain permission from C.D.G. secretary.

PERU:  Jan Wilson has written something on her visit to South America, only it's in the B.C.R.A. bulletin.  How about something for the B.B., Jane?

Still on that area, Sue Jordan is recently returned, and dropped into the Belfry a while back.

TACKLE MAKING:  This takes place on several Tuesday evenings at the Belfry.  If you are available any Tuesday, give John a 'phone call to check if it's on, and go along to help make some ladder.

The tackle store is looking slightly healthier these days, but if you still have B.E.C. tackle out, please return it a.s.a..p.  There are one or two other active members in the Club!