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Austria 1983

by Phil Romford.

There has been some disjointed talk in the pub on going back to the Dachstein area of Austria to try once and for all to bottom the Barengassewindschact.

So far those interested are Trev Hughes, Tim Large, Rob Harper, John Dukes, Ross White and myself. However, to date there is no firm commitment from anyone to say that we can form an expedition.

I think it is well known that this is an S.R.T. expedition.  Therefore I am looking to pull together 10 – 12 strong cavers who are well practised in S.R.T. and, preferably B.E.C. members.  It is the opinion of some who have been to the area that if we do not bottom it this year we shall have to offer it to the Austrians. We can’t have that, can we!

So, you guys, let’s have some committed response from you.  I am prepared to coordinate the expedition if I get sufficient support. However, I must add that each person may be asked to pay deposit to the expedition, firstly to be a form of commitment – I know you lot, you say you’ll do one thing, then go off and do something else – ands secondly to help toward the purchase of expedition equipment.  At this early stage I do not know how much money we are looking for.

When I have had sufficient response to this plea, I shall call an expedition inaugural meeting to discuss finance, travel, equipment, accommodation, etc. and possibly form an expedition committee.

On small aside: I am hoping to have time to get to Chamonix for some mountaineering after the expedition.

The approximate timing of the whole affair will most likely be mid to late July 1983.

You may write to me at:  Coxley,Wells, Somerset.

Please consider this seriously and contact me with any queries as soon as possible.

Incident At Lamb Leer

Following a rescue call-out to Lamb Leer recently Martin Grass and "Tom Big", well known B.E.C. member, Club Secretary and M.R.O. WARDEN, rapidly kitted up in front of the Belfry stove and then dashed to the scene.

Some weegees were met at the top of the pitch.

" O.K.. lads," says our “Tom”.   “Make way for the M.R.O."  “ We'll soon have everything under control," he continues, as he ties off an S.R.T. rope and threads his rack.

"See you at the bottom," he calls to Martin , and is about to leap off the edge for a super-fast descent when he hears Martin musing -

"Shouldn't your rack be threaded the other way round, 'Tom'.”