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Since the scare about possibly losing the Royal Navy for mid-week revenue I, with the help of a few others, have managed to raise the standards of our accommodation a little. By writing a grovelling letter to the R.N., apologising for last year's shambles and indicating where improvements were to be made, and with the help of Graham Johnson (Bolt) I have had a favourable response.  The R.N. have now booked for several weeks ahead.  This should amount to around £300 income.  However, we must not become lackadaisical in our attitude - we still have a long way to go to meet my goal.

Changing Room: A number of people are leaving odd items of tatty clothing lying around, some of it unmentionable.  If, at the end of a weekend, they are not claimed or given away, they go on the fire.

So the message is, if you value it, take it home!  If you must leave kit at the Belfry, see me and I will try to provide you with a locker, at a cost, of course.

Working Weekends: It has been suggested that we try for a few months to have one working day coinciding with committee meeting weekends, which are always the first weekend of the month, so do try and help. Just to confuse the issue, the next working day is Saturday 12th March.

Car Park:  To aid people in the dark areas we intend to fit an exterior halogen lamp to the south end of the Belfry.  To prevent parking on the lawn we intend to place some large limestone blocks, which will very definitely be car proof.

Front Door: The Belfry now has a new front door complete with a new lock and even brass knobs (The appointment of Hon. Knob Polisher to the B.E.C. has already been suggested.  Please don't write. Ed!)  A new lock means a new key.  These are available FREE from the Hut Warden.  You may contact me at any time at the Belfry or at home to obtain one. All new issue keys will be serial numbered so I know who has keys.  I must appeal to all key holders not to have copies made for their mates, etc., since the whole idea of having a lock is to provide a degree of security to our property.

Lockers:  I am trying to collect fees owing for lockers used by members.  £1.00 for large ones, 50p for small ones.  I feel sure that some are not used but are still locked.  If you do not use your locker will you please let me know, so that I can re-issue it to someone in need.

Library Keys: It is known that a few keys are in the hands of non-committee members.  If you have one, please return it in the interest of security.


Two night-store heaters for the bunk rooms

Lots of 2' 6” wide mattresses

Timber for making duck boarding, 2 x 1 for example.



Chris Batstone, overheard at the "Bassett's" housewarming recently:

"Oi ! Move yer fat gut.  I can't get by.