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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset. Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126

Editor : G-Wilton-Jones

Officers Of The Club

Hon Secretary: Tim Large

Hon. Treasurer: Jeremy Henley

Tacklemaster: John Dukes

Hut Warden: Phil Romford

Hut Engineer: Phil Romford

Caving Sec: Martin Grass

B.B. Editor: Graham Wilton-Jones, Trevor Hughes, Nigel Taylor

Membership Sec: Fi Lewis

Librarian:Chris Batstone

Ian Caldwell has had to resign from the post of Hut Engineer.  He is currently taking a course at Cardiff University and is finding the pressure of work there to great for him to devote adequate time to B.E.C. business.

Phil Romford is presently taking over the task of Hut Engineer, as he feels Hut Engineer and Hut Warden are more easily managed by one and the same person


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