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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset .Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126.

Editor: G. Wilton-Jones

Bet you thought I'd given up for good!  No such luck - you'll have to put up with my verbiage for another year yet, and, I threaten, more regularly than of late.  The move from Aylesbury is now complete and you'll see that I am now a local.

The printing machine has recently emerged from hibernation beneath cardboard boxes and packing cases, the file of B.B. articles has been found, and we've created enough floor space in one room of the house to sit down and type.  We're in business again, so send in your articles.  There's still time to catch the Christmas B.B.

At this year's A.G.M., which Alan Thomas did a remarkable job of managing, Trev Hughes and the Batswine proposed the creation of a diving section within the Club, together with the new committee post of Diving Secretary, rather like the old climbing section.  Chris kept quiet for most of the discussion and Trev did not argue his case particularly well.  The issue was, to say the least, contentious.  Trev would have done better had his 30 diving members of the B.E.C. all been at the A.G.M., and perhaps he should have published his thoughts in advance. The majority at the A.G.M. were for the proposal.  However, it failed because those at the A.G.M. who were for the proposal did not represent a great enough proportion of the Club membership.  In other words, there were not enough members present at the A.G.M.  Indeed, at one point some members left the room and the meeting became inquorate. That's apathy for you.

In next month's B.B. we have something from the Pope + a South African article on caving and marital breakdown, caving in Canada, by Bolt, (if I can find the article amongst all the chaos) together with some of his cartoons, 1981-82 Officers reports (caving sec., hut engineer, editor), a note about Tynings, more on Wookey, maybe a snippet about Gaping Gill/Ingleborough, a new show cave in Barbados, a list of jobs which YOU could do to help maintain the Belfry, all the latest news from Mendip, plus bits from those other, minor caving regions of Britain and the rest of the world, plus much more, I hope.


Quote of the whateveryoucallfourmonthsoneaftertheother:

by Biffo in Wookey 20.

“Is there any water in this cave?”