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Bi-Monthly Notes, continued.

LARGE POT: While N.C.C. were digging the old N.P.C. dig of Little Pot, near the bend in the Turbary Road, N.P.C. attacked Large Pot (within spitting distance) and broke through to a series of shafts leading down several hundred feet.  This is of particular interest because it is directly above the drainage route from Marble Steps to Keld Head, so its potential must be considerable.

GAVEL: Ian "Watto" Watson has dived the sump here towards Pippikin and Beck Deck Head for 1,500 feet, at an average depth of 20 feet, apparently without breaking air-surface.

HURTLE POT: Geoff Crossley hoped to lay lots more line in the sump here, but the route dropped through a slot from its average depth of 90 feet and has now reached a depth of 115 feet.  It now has the deepest average  depth of any sump in Britain.

GOUGHS CAVE: Chris Bradshaw & Co. are digging here, and its about time Chris had written something about it for the B.B.

DRAYCOTT CAVE: The Army have been digging here, but I cannot imagine what for!

CASTLE FARM DIG: Work continues here on sunny, summer weekends.  Glenys was struck by flying debris the other month, and proudly showed her bruise to all.  How about a note from the diggers, on progress and potential?

DAN YR OGOF: The 40 foot pot, banged into at the end of Tubeways, has been called Falklands Pot. The narrow streamway at the bottom, Exocet Passage, had to be banged a second time to allow the passage of bigger-than-Jane sized cavers.  At first it headed a short distance southwards, but then curved around and dropped down two pitches, 10 feet and then 15 feet.  At the bottom is a static sump and the stream gurgles away in a low passage which has yet to be pushed.  Disappointingly, it seems to be heading north, away from Mazeways.



Entered by two tight squeezes over a static sump, the passage enlarges to join a large rift. Downstream there is a short distance to a choke.  Upstream, awkward traversing in a large rift, is followed by steep ascents to a 40 foot aven, which is stal choked at the top.  A very tight side passage goes to another aven where a twig was found. Other side passages are being banged. There is, apparently, an old swallet passage terminating below Swildons dry valley, with the possibility of a new entrance.