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Golden Oldies On The Isle Of Skye!

from Kangy.

The Black Cuillin Ridge is the finest and most difficult mountaineering expedition in the British Isles.  It stretches for six miles, has climbs on it graded V. Diff. which are not easy to avoid, takes anything from a record 4 hrs. 9 mins. to two days, and is succinctly described in "Classic Rock."

To their credit, Roy Bennet and Alan Bonner have just completed it in sixteen hours.  They went from Gars Bheinn to Sgurr nan Gillean in good weather on the 3 rd. June 1982.  They share over one hundred years of age between them!  They reckoned the hard part was the continuous concentration required to avoid falling off the extremely exposed ridge.

John Stafford and John Attwood did the ridge in May 1956.  Stafford wonders if anyone from the Club has done it in between times.

T.G.O.F. Finds In County Galway.

Around Easter time this year Ken Jones and Pat Cronin, both of T.G.O.F., were in Western Ireland, caving in County Clare and doing some exploratory work near the Galway - Clare border.

They explored and surveyed five sites altogether:

Poul a Crab;

Poll behan;

John Quin's Cave;

Poll blath Gairdin;

Poll E Puthe Kittleon.

Pat tells me he has been dying to use this last name on an Irish site for ages. 

The deep pool in Poll behan remains to be explored.

The caves vary in character from a small solution hole, 4 m. deep, which is John Quin's Cave, to the vertical depression of Poll behan which is 28 m. deep to water level, and the 23 m. deep Poll E Puthe Kittleon, with its 4 m. x 4 m. 450 passage ending in a suicidal ruckle and the sound of a stream beyond.  Pat and Ken both plan to return to the area around the first week in November.