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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset. Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126.

Editor: G. Wilton-Jones

Having kipped in the car at Litton after a heavy session at the queens Arms, a female member of the Club got up in the very early hours to relieve herself.  A local resident chose this same early hour to walk his dog. The incident became the talking point for a whole parish council meeting.  Council investigations are under way.  The cartoon on page 6 is the result.  Bolt has many other cartoons in the pipeline.

Explorations and surveying of Hanging Chamber, Jerusalem (the high level to oxbow Maypole) and Maypole Alpha are now complete.  The survey appears on p. 22.

The following is extracted from the Yorkshire Subterranean Society Newsletter:  Would the people who complained about the state of the Belfry remember that we are a caving organisation and that we should not expect the Ritz when we visit other areas.  I for one was glad of the friendly atmosphere we all had with the Mendipians. Garto Barstow.

Just a few short lines to add to Garto's remark about the Ritz.  There are none of us presume we are to be treated with waitress service. I for one complained bitterly about the condition of the Belfry.  Caving organisation we might be; pigs living in hovels we are not!  There was not one working/cooking area clean, let alone to be expected to prepare meals.  God alone knows how we got away without food-poisoning.  To finalise, the bunk-room and the bunks stunk abominably of urine and other unmentionables.  Many of the women complained, and equally as many men.

Many thanks to Buckett for helping enormously with cutting stencils, for a whole weekend, and to Ann for plying us with numerous cups of coffee and delicious food.