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Monthly Notes, Continued.

Diabetes: Dr. Don Thompson had added a few interesting and useful notes to Jeremy's article:

"Have you come across Glucagon?  This is wonderful stuff.  It's given by injection and can be given by amateurs to uncooperative hypoglycoemic diabetics while two or three other people sit on his head.  It raises the blood sugar within a few minutes sufficiently to enable one to persuade him to eat glucose sweets.  It can be repeated if not sufficient, and it cannot be given in doses too large for safety as there is really no maximum dose.  The only limitation is that it will not work on starvation hypoglycoemia because it cannot mobilise intracellular carbohydrates which are not there.  Your friendly G.P. can supply this on request."

So the next time Jeremy looks vacant after some loving Belfryite's hostile remarks, just sit on his head and pump him full of potatoes and glucagon.  He'll soon get the message:

STOKE LANE SLOCKER: Stoke 8 has only been visited twice - only once according to written records - in spite of the fact that the way on, through a boulder constriction, was clearly visible and simply needed enlarging.  This lack of attention may be partly due to the evil reputation of Stoke Lane, especially beyond sump 2, but is also because sump 6 has been blocked for some time. However, sump 6 is now receiving attention, last week (7.11.81) of a chemical kind.  After a healthy thump, perhaps the way to 8 is now open once more. Divers: Pete Moody (chemical hit man), Chris Milne, Ian (wormhole) Caldwell; Sherpas: Martin Grass, Blitz, Jane and Bassett.

P.S. Wormhole is now convinced that he has Weil's Disease.

RHINO RIFT: Tim Large and Phil Romford have been hard at work here putting in new bolts for rescue purposes, affording free-hangs for hauling.  When their work is complete the bolt positions will be concealed so they are not used for normal trips into the cave.

CHEDDAR GORGE: Have you driven down there in the day time recently and seen how much loose rock has been brought down, especially off the Coronation Street face, since the climbing season began. Beware where you park your car, unless you want a sunshine roof.

THE RUMOUR: We know where it is. It's big and it's black and it is hairy and you won't like it.