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Belfry Rules

The following rules have been created 'in committee' during the past two years, for the better running of the Belfry:

1)    2nd. February 1979

     Item 57



2)   18th. April 1980

     Item 66


3)   1st. August 1980

     Item 88




4) 5th. September '80




5) 7th. November '80

Animals may only stay at the Belfry at the discretion of the Hut Warden.

Generally animals are to be kept out of bunkrooms.


It was agreed that, for safety and social reasons, smoking be banned in the bunkrooms.


It was agreed, following an incident at the Belfry, and taking into account that no-one under 16 years of age could join the club, that 16 be the minimum age at which a person could stay at the Del


No personal gear is to be stored in the library or the loft.  Both library and loft must be kept locked when no committee member is in attendance.


Any person found storing or using explosive devices at the Belfry will be banned until the following committee meeting, when a decision on the matter will be taken.