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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset . Telephone: Wells (0749) 72126.

Editor: G. Wilton-Jones

CONGRATULATIONS to Fiona on her 21st birthday

Any of the articles which I promised would be in this B.B. last month will definitely be in the October issue, if I receive them from their authors.  I also hope to make a start on Wig's enormous tome on Early Cave Photographers and their Work.  He did give it to me back near the beginning of the year.

Just because Mr. 'N' has apologised for his low article production this year does not mean he can do the same in the next Club year.  Weren't you going to do something on East Mendip Mines, Nigel, and do you remember I asked you to write something on Explosives Underground.

Tuska, where is thy article on Iceland, and by now you could add something about the Longwood Valley dig.

In the offing are R.N. diver’s courses by Ross, something more from Batswine, B.C.R.A. Conference review by someone, a long-awaited, multi-edited, word perfect, highly detailed account of I can't remember what by Greg, plus a host of other articles promised over the last year!

Happy Club year.  Bassett.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Jim Watson, San Francisco, USA.

Jim will probably be in the States another couple of years.  He visited Church Cave in Sequoia National Park about 2 months ago.  Perhaps an article….