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Hut Engineer's Report  1981:

It is often said that hell is paved with good intentions; if that is true then the Belfry certainly is not Heaven!

That, unfortunately, is very true with the Belfry - it is very far from Heaven.  There are always many small jobs here and there to be done around the hut, and it should not take any ounce of sense for those Belfryites so inclined to see what needs doing and get on and fix one or other of these jobs.  Often much nasty back-biting and criticism is levelled at the committee, either individually or collectively.  But I say to those who shout loudest: "Get off YOUR backsides and YOU do it - PUT UP or SHUT UP".

With that to one side, I feel that the club set itself a massive task when it contemplated great changes at the Belfry, and in certain areas tried to pre-empt or was not aware of the various problems which arise with building methods, planning departments or officialdom.  Yet I do not feel that we have wasted any time as it is giving the Club a breathing space in which we can be sure that any money spent on the club hut is not only necessarily well spent but is also an investment in the club future.

It must be so well designed and planned that future generations of Belfryites do not sit about the hut planning to demolish it or tack bits on here and there!

To that end, John Gwythir, a professional and local architect has been engaged by me to present to the Club as learned a plan as can be devised, and thus enable the Club as a whole to make a decision on the matter.  Hopefully, unlike the infamous "St. CuthbertÂ’s Survey", this will be ready at the A.G.M. and Dinner (1981).

On Saturday 4th April 1981 Tim Large, Fiona, Quiet John, Quackers, Jane Clarke, Stu Lindsay, Dany Bradshaw, John and Sue Dukes, Bob Hill, Jeremy Pogue, Bob Cork, Chris Batstone, Graham Wilton-Jones, Andy Sparrow, Sue Tucker, ex-member Pat Cronin and Walt 'Farmer' Foxwell all descended on the Belfry and together many urgent jobs, large and small, around the hut and site were undertaken - amongst the most useful being the foundations for the new carbide store and gas bottle store, the erection of 'Bob Hill's Hut', repair of the cattle-grid base, hut cleaning and painting and the installation of an air brick in the bunkroom exterior wall (fixed in by Jenny Sandicott).  Though, perhaps, it is generally regarded to be invidious to name names, it was these people who gave up all of their weekend to work and worked hard.

Unfortunately, despite Graham Wilton-Jones's excellent work on getting out the Belfry Bulletin, the only thing I lazily bothered to contribute this year (that's honesty, Graham) i.e. a warning of a midsummer working weekend in July, did not get published in time - and had to be cancelled on the actual weekend due to a massive M.R.O. mock rescue involving the Belfry.

Tim, Fiona and I stayed for a week at the Belfry in July, and more odds and ends were accomplished along with meetings with the planners and architect.

What remains to be done is general upkeep of the hut nothing new but as all householders know, vitally important.  As the season dips into winter, I believe that the hut is generally in a good condition, but I urge each and every one of us not to become complacent in this regard.

Lastly, due to pressures of work, it will be necessary for me to go to London in January 1982 for three months, and I may not be able to attend all three of the winter meetings.  With this in the minds of you, the club members, I offer to stand for re-election to the Club Committee for 1982, and would, if re-elected, prefer to stand in a 'general capacity' on the committee, in order that I could concern myself directly with the club hut redevelopment and necessary fund-raising.  May I wish my successor all the power he can muster to his elbow.

Nigel Taylor.