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Caving Secretary's Report   1981

1981 has been a reasonably active year far the Club, but mainly on the tourist trip side, as little new passage has been found.  (This is probably due to inactivity on the digging front).  Haydon Drove Swallet is being attacked by two younger members of the Club, and hopes are high for a breakthrough.  A regular team, led by Tim Large, has also been active in Goughs Cave and Cheddar Gorge but work has slowed up during the summer months due to the amount of tourists about.

As usual, most Mendip caves have received at least one visit from Club members over the past twelve months. Looking through the log it is pleasing to note a number of trips to Swildons 12 and I have heard rumours of a Club dig at the end of Victoria Aven - any takers?  Off Mendip the arranged Club meets have been well attended: these include Peak Cavern, Otter Hole, the Bradford P.C. winch meet (where five members reached the end of Far Waters) and South Wales at Easter.  This was definitely the most popular with about 30 members turning out with visits to O.F.D., Dan yr Ogof, Agen Allwedd, Tooth and Llethrid, as well as a dip in the sea off Gower.

St. Cuthbert’s has had its usual tourist trips, and the number has remained steady over the last couple of years.  Work in the cave is being concentrated at Sump 2 and a team is regularly working, mainly on a Wednesday night, at blasting its way across the sump.  The Arête ladder is still out as we are still waiting for the new one to be delivered.  Hopefully it should be installed by the A.G.M.  Work is also progressing slowly with refitting the pipes that take the entrance stream into the cave although this might not be necessary now as the water appears to be sinking in the depression and entering the cave at the ledge pitches.  Consequently the entrance rift has been bone dry for months now.  Two new leaders have been appointed this year: Ian Caldwell (B.E.C.) and Alison Moody (W. C. C.)

There has not been an official Club expedition this year, which is a shame with an un-descended pitch awaiting the Clubs return in Austria.  It seems this year that the mainstays of overseas trips have fallen into that cavers trap known as love with J-Rat, Trev Hughes and Bassett all doing their own thing. However, Bassett and Jane have been touring Europe so tales of caverns measureless to man are awaited from them.

I am prepared to stand again for committee, if elected, but I feel more interest should be shown by members in running for committee (competition is healthy).  Too many members this year have complained over their beer pots about various Club matters but none are doing anything positive about it.  Let us hope we see their names on the voting form this year - as well as yours!

Martin Grass.

Latest news from Yorkshire

gathered by Martin and Geoff Crossley:

New Goyden has been connected to Goyden Pot, via a sump and a very low air-space canal.  Total length with Manchester Hole is over 5 miles. This adds up to a system with a downstream sump 20 and a total of 34 known, divable sumps!  Downstream sump 8 in New Goyden has also been pushed to 750 feet on its way to Nidd Head.

Hurtle Pot is now 80 feet deep and 750 feet long from the diving base.

A shaft above Far Waters of Gaping Ghyll has been found.  This was a lost shaft from the 19th century.


QUOTE:  Tourist to cave guide in Cheddar~

"Are all the caves here underground?”