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Belfry Bulletin Editor's Report  1981

During the first half of the club year there was reasonable response to my requests for articles for the B.B.  However, more recently material has been difficult to obtain and B.B.’s have become rather thin.  Members have promised articles, but in many cases these have been slow in coming, if I have received them at all.  Frequently it is the same people who submit material.  Many thanks to these.  I owe especial thanks to Tim and Fiona for the writing and typing onto stencils of several pages of notes this year; also to Martin, who has assisted me greatly with the compilation of notes.

No doubt the question of a bi-monthly B.B. will again arise at the A.G.M. Several B.B.’. have been produced as bi-monthlies this year, partly due to lack of material and partly because my own activities have not allowed the time for B.B. production, this latter particularly precluding a B.B. in August.

I see the B.B. as performing several functions:

1)       keeping members in touch with the club and its activities (diary and club business);

2)       keeping members in touch with each other;           

3)       giving up to date and detailed news of Mendip happenings;

4)       giving up to date news, mainly in brief, of national and international caving;

5)       offering articles, both serious and humorous.

This last is what actually fills the B.B., and what members must be prepared to take time to produce, if they want a journal of reasonable size, and not simply a short, monthly newsletter.

Graham Wilton-Jones.