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Honorary Treasurer's Report  1981

Income and expenditure has been generally on a par with last year, with one or two drastic exceptions. The Gas and Electricity accounts have virtually doubled:










So all members using the Belfry remember and take note.  The committee have tried to remedy this but it is up to you to switch off the lights, and turn the gas off when not in use.

It has been nice this year to write cheques for the tacklemaster.  Let us hope that his expenditure of £388.64 on materials has been well spent, and the club will appreciate some new tackle and make sure it does not grow legs!!

I was disappointed to note that the committee efforts to obtain a licence again this year to sell lottery tickets was a complete waste of time.  What happened to the enthusiasm of last year?  Not one lottery.  Does everything have to be left to the committee?

I would like to express my concern to the A.G.M. of the amount of usable cash tied up in Building Society and deposit accounts just gathering 'dust' and, of course, interest, transferred over the years from the general fund.  Perhaps this money could be used for the good of the Club and not, I hope, subsidise the subs.

As the outgoing treasurer I would like to leave the subject of the subs to the A.G.M.  Remember, they did not go up last year, but inflation and wages did, re Gas and Electricity expenditure, and unless the club wants to face a large rise in future years, when the general funds are in a low state, they should go up this year, even if only by £2.00

I.D.M.F.   This account, as usual, is just gathering more and more interest, for yet again no eligible members have asked to use this fund.

Sue Tucker.