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Remember the rumour recently of a big new stream cave on Mendip?  Well, I know someone who claims to have been down it.

From a Frog newspaper article, borrowed from Rocksport:  In early August BU 56, the new deep system leading to the Riviere St. Georges, near the P.S.M., was pushed to a siphon at -1335m.

Arphidia, right beside the P.S.M., has been extended to nearly 12km and parts of it run extremely close to the Verna, the huge chamber in the P.S.M.  A link between the two systems, which seems very likely, would give a new world depth records yet again.

Honorary Secretary's Report 1981:

This year has been somewhat turbulent, with much work crossing the committee table but not much to show for it. Membership stands at 172, maintaining nearly the same total as last year.

The Belfry improvements are still in action although they have not moved beyond the drawing board stage. There are several difficulties which have slowed progress.

Negotiations are proceeding to lease the St. Cuthbert's land from the paper mill.  At present a nominal rental of £90 p.a. has been agreed.

Various projects have been started such as rebuilding tackle and maintenance of the Belfry but a great deal of this work still needs doing.  Greater cooperation and involvement, both of committee members and of club regulars, is needed if we are to complete these necessary tasks, many of which must be done before the winter.

On two occasions this year it has been necessary to reprimand members regarding undesirable activities.  This resulted in one member being fined £10 for contravening a committee ruling.

The Club only gets the committee it deserves? but once elected I think it reasonable to expect support of the members.  Some may not always like all the decisions the committee makes, but then everyone must remember that they are always made with all members in mind, not just the active nucleus of that precise time.

Efforts have been made to find a new publications officer, and despite notices in the B.B., nobody has volunteered.  In fact, response to comment in the B.B. on various topics over which the committee may take action has been very apathetic.  If we had the cooperation and involvement so often seen on club cave digs then the more mundane tasks of maintaining the club headquarters, producing publications, etc., would be easily achieved.

During the year our Hut Warden, Dany Bradshaw? found other commitments keeping him away from the Belfry so by mutual agreement Dany stood down as warden and Quackers was co-opted to fill the gap.  At about the same time Sue Tucker advised the committee of her intention to resign at the end of the year.  Sue has been our treasurer now for three years and I am sure you would all wish to thank her for her service to the Club in this important role.  To fill this vacancy the committee is suggesting Sue Dukes, who has expressed an interest in the job.

Every year the pressure on caving increases resulting in an ever increasing round of meetings which need to be attended if we are to protect our point of view.  I have recently been invited on to the Somerset Trust Management Committee for the Mineries and hopefully can put caver’s views and protect our interests.

Hopefully we shall now be able to look forward to better progress in the coming year.

Tim Large.

Attendances at committee meetings, which totalled 11, were as follows:

Tim Large

Nigel Taylor

Graham Wilton-Jones

Martin Grass

Sue Dukes

John Dukes

Sue Tucker

Stuart Lindsay

Dany Bradshaw











2 (out of a possible 4)

T. L,