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Minutes of the 1980 Annual General Meeting of The Bristol Exploration Club

The meeting was held at The Belfry on Saturday 4th October 1980 being convened by The Hon. Secretary Tim Large.  A quorum being present the meeting was opened at 10.40am.

The Hon. Secretary asked for nominations for a Chairman.  Alan Thomas and Roy Bennett were nominated from the floor.  A vote was taken and Alan Thomas elected by 21 votes to 1.  In his opening address the Chairman reminded those present that the AGM was the right and proper place to air any grievances or dissatisfaction with the club.  Outstanding ballot papers were called for and the following Glenys Wilkinson, Lawrie O'Neil and Dave Irwin elected as Tellers.  The minutes of the AGM held 6th October 1979 had been circulated and were approved by the meeting.

Matters Arising

Rare Books - The meeting maintained its view that the rare books should be kept in a lockable container.  This matter is in hand.

Constitutional Proposals - No further action is required at present on the proposals put forward by Michael Wheadon.

Insurance - As no viable policy could be found at a cost the club could consider it was considered best to leave the situation as it was until something viable becomes available.

Officers Reports

Hon. Secretary’s Report had previously been circulated in the B.B.  Tim Large had nothing further to add.  It was proposed by Nigel Taylor and seconded by Dave Irwin that he meeting adopt the report- agreed unanimously.

Hon. Treasurers Report was circulated at the meeting, Sue Tucker pointed out that the loses made on the boots could be explained by the fact several pairs had been stolen and payment on three pairs was still outstanding.  The club still had one pair of boots in stock.  Several Belfry accounts had not been passed to Sue Garth. Dell said he would pass these over. Nigel Taylor proposed seconded by Chris Batstone that the reports of the Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Auditor be adopted - agreed.

Hut Wardens Report was read to the meeting by the Chairman who expressed concern over the number of rogue keys and also the question of group supervision at the Belfry. John Turner proposed that no person be allowed to stay at the Belfry unless a member of a bonefide club and supervised by a member.  This was seconded by Val Wilkinson.  A vote was taken FOR - 37 AGAINST - 0 motion carried.  The situation regarding hut fees outstanding had now much improved. Jerry Crick proposed seconded by John Dukes that the report be adopted - carried.

Hut Engineers Report had been published in the BB. Nigel Taylor had nothing more to add. Jerry Crick proposed seconded by Martin Grass that the report be adopted - carried.

Caving Secretary’s Report was read to the meeting by Martin Grass.  Martin stated the need for more Cuthbert’s Leaders.  Chris Batstone proposed seconded by Greg Villas that the report be adopted - carried.

Tacklemasters Report was circulated to the meeting by John Dukes who then amplified his report by saying that we still had tackle missing from last year plus another 9 ladders missing this year of which 6 appear to be unaccountable for.  We have 5 ladders of other manufacture, some being found in Swildons when our tackle has been stolen.  John said the meeting should decide what action the club should take to prevent further loses.  He also pointed out that tackle wasn’t being looked after properly.  Members must use a recognised good practice and ensure it is cleaned after use.  Chris Batstone asked if the club was going to replace and make new tackle.  John explained that materials had been obtained and new ladders would be made and old ones renovated.  Problems were at present being experienced with taper pins but these should soon be overcome.  Garth Dell proposed seconded by Jerry Crick that the report be adopted - carried.

Pete Franklin proposed a vote of thanks to John for maintaining the tackle seconded by Stuart McManus.  The meeting agreed.

Librarians Report - Chris Batstone said that the library had been reorganised and a new catalogue in progress.  No books had gone missing this year as far as he was aware.  The lockable box for the rare books was well in hand.  Woly Wilkinson proposed second by John Turner that the report be adopted - carried.

I.D.M.F. Report - no requests had been received for money.  Chris Batstone proposed, seconded by Garth Dell that the report be adopted - carried.

BB Editors Report had been published in the BB.  Dave Irwin said he had been unable to produce a quarterly BB as proposed due to lack of material. Garth Dell proposed seconded by Bob Hill that the report be adopted - carried.

Result of the Committee Election - 80 ballot papers were counted and the following elected: -

Tim Large - Hon. Secretary
Nigel Taylor - Hut Engineer
Graham Wilton-Jones - BB Editor
Martin Grass - Caving Secretary
John Dukes - Tacklemaster
Sue Tucker - Hon. Treasurer
Dany Bradshaw - Hut Warden
Sue Dukes
Stuart Lindsay

Members Resolutions - The 1979/80 Committee proposed that Martin Cavendar be made an Hon. Life Member in recognition of services to the club.  The meeting carried this unanimously.

Joan Bennett commented on the good effort of the club in raising over £800 towards the Belfry Improvement Fund.

Any Other Business

John Turner asked if the club had sent an official letter of sympathy to the Dors family re Ben’s death. The meeting considered that the club had already adequately expressed its feelings.

Garth Dell asked whether the club subscription would remain the same as last year.  It was proposed by Pete Franklin and seconded by Nigel Taylor that the subscriptions are not increased this year.  Carried unanimously.

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 1.05pm.