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Frank Frost

FRANK FROST, known to more recent members of the B.E.C. only through the song, but to older members as their arch-enemy, died last Tuesday, April 21st.

He was a founder member of the Wessex Cave Club and was, for a long time, their President.  He was involved with the Wookey Hole dives of the thirties and was an M.R.O. warden for many years.

Our condolences go to his relatives.


SHATTER, W/L, WITHYHILL: These caves have now been totally closed by the owners, prior to their preparation as show-caves.  The entrances are being completely blocked.  According to Hobbs, this is to 'safeguard their interests ' within the caves.

OGOF PWLL GWYNT:  The spelling, or even the name itself, are not certain.  However, a pothole has been dug into above Agen Allwedd.  The pitches are 68', 30', 30', 15' and 15', being a series of rifts ending in oolite with phreatic passage.  The Shale band that is met in the top of the Main Passage of Aggie has not been reached and it is therefore thought possible that the pothole leads to fossil passages running above Aggie.  The location of the pot is at the top of the scree slope that cuts through the escarpment cliff just south of Aggie entrance.

NATURE CONSERVANCY CONTROLLED CAVES: Legal bodies advising the Nature Conservancy about caves within the land they control have recommended that all caves be kept locked at all times.  This recommendation has now become one of the rules of access, and clearly we must abide by this rule if we are not to jeopardise agreements between cavers and the Nature Conservancy.  Unfortunately it means that, however we may feel about such a situation, we must lock ourselves into such caves and take keys with us.  The Nature Conservancy are making frequent and thorough checks to see that cavers adhere to this rule.  The caver named as leader on the permit must be underground with a party using a particular key.  This poses problems for such an instance as the Llangattwg camp, and we are currently trying to formulate a suitable solution.

Martin Grass & Bassett.

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