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yet again (sorry)

LANCASTER HOLE:  A short but constricted sump has recently been passed in this cave leading to 427 metres of passage.  There are a number of junctions which still have to be explored and the passage size indicates something big.  The exact location of the sump has not been revealed.

KINGSDALE MASTER CAVE/ROWTEN POT:  The three free-divable sumps linking these caves have been found to become one continuous sump after moderate rain and free divers are warned to be extremely careful.

SOUTH WALES, EASTER:  Once again the club, plus various other friends from the N.C.C., Eldon P.C., Pegasus, C.D.G., etc., will be descending on Chrickhowell for the Easter holiday.  A number of trips are planned, including Pant Mawr, OFD II, Agen Allwedd, Tooth and Llethrid Caves.  If anyone has any suggestions for other trips please contact Martin Grass a.s.a.p. so that these can be arranged.  A trip into GOYDEN and NEW GOYDEN POTS is planned for the Sunday for those who are sober enough.

P.U.  To celebrate Geoff Crossley's 21st birthday anyone who knows him is invited to join in the celebrations at the Queens Arms at Littondale, Yorkshire on February 28th.  As this is the last weekend of the Lakes trip many of us will be finishing the week off here.

MISS PIGGY: Christine Villis would like it to be made known that she is not to be refered to as Miss Piggy, but Christine.

GAPING GHYLL WINCH MEET:  For, the fourth year running Club members will be going to the Bradford Pothole Club’s winch meet at Gaping Ghyll.  As usual we will be ordering our beer in advance, so we have the minimum to carry “up t’ill”.  We will camp at the Ghyll and the B.P.C. very kindly lend us any tackle we require. Apart from a trip into G.G. various other caves in the area will be descended.  Anyone requiring more information or wishing to order beer, should contact Martin Grass or Graham Wilton-Jones.

S.W.C.C. CONTROLLED CAVES:  Members wishing to visit any of the caves under the control of the South Wales Caving Club should take note of the following statement made by the club

We regret that, due to the contamination many caves with carbide, a new rule has had to be made prohibiting the use of carbide lamps in all the caves under the control of the South Wales caving Club.  Formerly it was permitted to carry carbide lamps for emergency only, but unfortunately this lead to visitors entering caves with unserviceable or only partly charged electric lamps and then frequently having to fall back on their carbide lamps.  Please bring additional electric cells for emergency use.  Caves covered by this rule are Dan Yr Ogof, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu (1, 2 and 3), Pant Mawr Pot, Tunnel Cave, Llethrid Cave and Tooth Cave.

OGOF Y CI:  It appears that the local farmer decided to dump some sheep carcases in Ogaf y Ci, and cavers who found these reported the incident.  As a result the farmer was prosecuted for polluting the water has taken revenge, however, by blocking the cave.  Since the cave had three entrances presumably he has blocked all three.

LAMB LEER:  The winch scaffolding has been inspected and it is recommended that no more than four people go on it at anyone time.

G.B.:  Yet another part of our underworld is falling apart - the Bridge in GB looks in immanent danger of breaking away.  Take care in this region.

CAR THEFT: Thefts of various items left inside caver’s cars on Mendip are still continuing.  Cars left in the areas around GB, Cuckoo Cleeves, Burrington have been either broken into or else unlocked and then locked up again.  It is probably that the thieves are fully aware that caver’s cars are left for several hours at a time.

Avoid leaving anything, especially valuables, in your unattended car.