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Letter To The Editor

Withey House,
Withey Close West,

Dear Bassett,

Ref. B.B. 34 (11 & 12), 7.

I'm sorry not to have written up my trip down St. Cuthbert's in the log.  I'm afraid we were in rather a hurry to get to the Hunters.  I'll do it next time I'm at the Belfry.

It was like visiting an old friend/enemy that you haven't seen for years.  All the handholds were still exactly where you expected to find them, and the teasing bits were just the same.  I cut the trip rather short, because things were going very well and I didn't want to spoil it by getting overtired.  So after admiring the Angel's Wings we turned back.  I found I really was a bit tired climbing the Arête Pitch, and so, as I didn't want to make a mess of the Entrance Pitch, I sent out one of the lads to put in the dam.

I don't think I need have worried.  The technique all came back to me and I climbed it with no trouble at all; only a slight excess of puff.

Ever Yours, Oliver.

A Few More Notes.

ONE PIECE GIBBS.  Rich Websall brought an interesting ascending device into the Hunters the other day.  It was made in Czechoslovakia and he picked it up while in Europe over New Year. It can best be described as a one piece Gibbs.  As all its users will know, the only thing wrong with Gibbs ascenders is the way they have to be dismantled to put them on or take them off the rope.  With this new device the cam rotates on a fixed bolt instead of a removable pin. The fixed bolt is attached only to one cheek.  The other cheek is cut away to leave just enough room to feed in the rope.

I'll try and produce a picture of it for the next B.B. and I'll also make up some notes on what it is like to use.

POSTCARDS:  Wig's catalogue is about to be printed, so if you want to upset him, just find a card that he has never seen, and you can put his publication out of date even as it is produced.

Didn't we manage that with Mendip Underground, Wig?



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