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Elm Cave Or Fordbury Bottom Cave, Murder Combe, EM 74644873

information compiled by Colin Houlden.

First found in 1956 by Dave Mitchell and Alan Cowley who reached the second boulder ruckle.

CDG newsletter series 50, 1979, January, page 14 reports dives by Pete Moody in May and June 1978 and states he could not find the way on.

In 1978 again, Dave and Dianne Walker, Alan Mills and Colin Brimstone blasted the passage in the dry section beyond the point where Pete Moody dived, as the water level had dropped.

Pete and Alison Moody reached the third chamber in dry passage, due to lowered water level. They saw a sump 20ft below but were unable to dive because of lack of tackle.

Sunday 14th September 1980: The sump beyond the third boulder ruckle was dived by Colin Houlden and Barry Wilkinson, with a back up team consisting of Marion Gay, Alan Mills and Glyn Bolt.

Diver's report, by Colin Houlden:

I dived first upstream and found a submerged chamber about 8ft x 8ft with a 2" to 4" airspace situated centrally in the roof.  There was no obvious exit from this chamber other than the entrance.  I returned to base.   On the second dive I explored the downstream area and found no obvious way on.  I returned to base.

Upon first examination of the sump, the water was crystal clear and an obvious hole at the upstream end about 3ft round was visible.  This was the object of my third dive.  The visibility was now zero because of the previous two dives.  I therefore decided to enter feet first.  I descended through boulder obstacles to a depth of about 20ft I aborted the dive due to faulty equipment.  Upon my return to base Barry dived in order to confirm my three dives.