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Editor:   G. Wilton-Jones, 24 Redland Way, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Telephone: Aylesbury (0296) 28270.

Yes, I know it is unprecedented to run the November and December B.B.¬ís in one issue.  By way of excuse, it was so I could get the Christmas issue out and delivered before the end of the year, and thereby catch up.

Hopefully the January 1981 B.B. will be produced IN January.

If you get your Lesotho Cave Art illustration loose it is because a well known national supermarket chain is reluctant to do this silly job for us in a hurry.

If you have not yet written anything for the B.B. this decade, remember that you have only nine years left, so why not start writing now and get it over with.  So far I have ONE article far 1981

News From Our Northern Correspondent

It is reported that northern cave diver, Ian Watson, has discovered another Boreham in Littondale. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area, Boreham Cave is known particularly for two things; its long, clear sumps and its impressive array of straws hanging above a still pool. Nearby Stonelands Cave also contains a long, incompletely explored sump. Presumably the new cave is also notable for a long sump of clear water.  Watto is not saying anymore at present.

Unfortunately when the local farmer got to hear of the find he decided that the water supply had been polluted due to caving activities.  He got together with the three other farmer/landowners of Littondale and cavers have been banned from the whole valley.  Harry Long is trying to negotiate with the farmers, but until the valley is definitely open once more to cavers it would be wise to keep clear of the place, except of course to partake of ale at the "Queen's".

Hot off J-Rat's typewriter in Maseru, just over the border into Lesotho, comes this article on the decorated sandstone rock-shelters of the area.  This is J-Rat in his more serious mood, a rare moment, no doubt written while he thought he was dying of Histoplasmosis.

By the time you read this he should be back on Mendip suffering the more common ailments, related to Butcombe, Arkells, Badger, etc.